How Do I Know My Dog Is Shedding Excessively?
When you put your hand on the back and flanks of the dog, there's a little hair left on the hands. That's okay. And if you're doing the same thing but you're left with a lot of hair in your hand, or if your dog's coat separates from his skin by pulling on it lightly, then it's not healthy shedding

Is DeShedding Shampoo For Dogs Effective?
Yes, it's twice more effective if you use a good quality DeShedding Shampoo and Conditioner, like FURminator for instance, during shedding seasons, for washing your dog

When Does My GSP Puppy Normally Start To Shed?
GSP's puppy first shedding is likely to start during Spring or Autumn, but not earlier than 6 months old

Do German Shorthaired Dogs Shed (Do GSP Shed)?
Yes, they shed intensively in Spring and Autumn. In between they shed just a little, provided they have no health problems and are groomed well