What is Recommended Diet for GSP?
Dry food of Holistic, Premium and Super Premium classes is suitable for GSP's nutrition, as it is made from quality ingredients. It should include beef or salmon, fish (protein and phosphorus), acids, minerals, fiber. Pay attention to the complete group of vitamins and the absence of fasteners, a normally working stomach must cope with this on its own. In different periods of maturation, the body of German Shorthaired Pointer has different needs. The diet for puppies is calculated taking into account intensive growth, and for older dogs - with the possibility of preventing age-related diseases.
How to Feed a German Shorthaired Pointer?
Daily dosage is indicated on the packages, which is strictly observed. There is no need to increase the dosage, it affects the performance and health of your pet. For puppies up to 3 months the granules are softened in yogurt or water. If feeding with quality dry food, it is not necessary to give him additives or other products. Prepared meals are optimally balanced, any additional yummy stuff may course metabolic disorders and dangerous diseases.
What Vitamins Does My GSP Need?
Vitamin complex is an essential element of the diet if you feed your GSP with meat, by-products and vegetables. When eating dry food, he needs additional vitamins from time to time. Vitamin C is necessary for the immune system, provides full development of the muscular system, bones, joints, teeth. Vitamin D is used to form the skeleton, especially needed by puppies during their first year of life. Calcium is absorbed together with vitamin D, used to form teeth, skeleton bones, makes coat beautiful and shiny.