What should I take into consideration when looking for a Barrier?
Try to focus your search on barriers that won't obstruct your rearview, and those with height adjustment capabilities
Am I legally required to use a Booster Seat for my Dog?
In some states, yes. Check with your local government first, as some may only stipulate the use of restraints

How will I know if I can use a Booster Seat on the Passenger Side?
Again, it's best that you check what the law says from an official source. Remember to move the car's chair back some distance, which prevents injury if an airbag goes off during an accident
Should Weight be a consideration when Buying a Ramp?
Absolutely. Check the weight of the ramp in the protect's description. Most are made from plastic or metal, although a few are better for smaller dogs
Is a Restraint alone Safe for a Puppy or Very Small Dog?
Yes, but a booster seat would allow your dog to see out of the window easier, something that could keep them occupied while you're behind the wheel