What are Dogs Favorite Treats Ingredients?
Here is a list of healthy food most dogs adore: Unsalted Peanut Butter, Cheese, Yogurt, Salmon, Pumpkin, Eggs, Chicken
What is the Best Dog Treat?
The best treat for your dog is a healthy treat, free of artificial preservatives, fillers, coloring and grain, made of organic ingredients.
Can I Give Calming Treats for My Dog to Stop Barking?
In general yes. Calming treats are created for this purpose as well. But it is important to define the reason of barking. If stress or anxiety is the reason than definitely yes. Sometimes an anti-barking collar is more effective. We recommend to ask your trainer first if you can't define the reason by yourself.
Are Jerky Treats Good for Training Puppies?
Jerky steaks or cuts are a perfect protein supplement for everyday food and for treating your pup. If you want to use them for training, make sure the pieces are small enough for convenient usage. As often jerky treats are bigger than others.