How Often Should You Bathe a German Shorthaired Pointer?
German Shorthaired Pointers have a water-resistant coat by nature. To keep his skin and coat well-balanced, he should not be bathed often. Clean and wash the dog with shampoos only when he is really dirty, Once in several months is enough, or even less. You can wash his face, legs and stomach more often. Waterless shampoos are also allowed in between.
Do German Shorthaired Pointers Stink?
As a hunting breed, GSPs must remain unnoticed for prey. Thus, they have no natural strong odor. It can only appear after a long hunting in hot weather or when it rains. But it's not very distinct.
Should I Shower or Bathe My Dog?
As most dogs are not very keen on cleaning their coat, we recommend that you wash your dog in a light shower. Only use warm water for this, as hot and cold water can be unpleasant for the animal.
Are There Different Dog Shampoos for GSPs with White and Liver Roan Coat Color?
A dog shampoo is not only designed for the type of coat, but also for the coat color of the dog. For example, a dog shampoo should be used for a GSP with white basic coat. his will remove yellowish veil quickly form on the dogs's coat. Purple particles therefore neutralize the yellow tinge and make white coat shine again.