What is the best collar material?
There are several main types of collar material: Leather, Nylon, Metal Chain, Biothane. Each of them has its purpose, and therefore best in its way. For everyday use choose natural soft leather or durable nylon. For water games - biothane. Waterproof is very essential for GSPs. Reflective strip is always a bonus for night visibility
How to choose a collar for GSP puppy?
You should train your GSP puppy to wear a collar as early as possible. We recommend soft leather or nylon collar with padded inner part. Keep in mind your puppy grows rather fast. So choose an adjustable collar where you can regulate the length
What is better for GSP - collar or harness?
For everyday use a collar is ideal. But there are cases when harness is a must. Its main aim is to distribute the weight between chest and shoulders of the dog evenly and to eliminate pressure on back and throat. This pressure occurs from running or pulling. Or may happen in a car accident. So use harness if your GSP is pulling while walking, if you cycle or run with your dog, go hiking or hunting for rather long time. And definitely use a special crash tested car harness for travelling
Do I have to take the collar off the dog when we get home?
We recommend to keep the collar on all the time, especially with puppies. Collar is also a training instrument, with the help of which you can control and manage your pup's behavior. And home is not an exception. For example, your puppy got too much excited. Thus you can just slightly shake him by collar and calm him down, etc. This way you train your dog to obey in a proper manner
Why do I have to personalize a collar?
No matter what a nice and well-mannered dog you have, there is always a chance that your pooch may get lost. This may happen in a crowded place, in a forest or park. Your dog can't say his name or your phone number or home address. So, if main data are on the collar, this will help to return your pup home as soon as possible