What Features are Most Important to look for when Choosing a Dog Brush?
Your search should primarily focus on the size of your dog, and the frequency of shedding. The bigger the dog, the larger the brush should be
Would it be Necessary to Use a Brush After Shampooing or Conditioning?
You can do this, but a good shampoo or conditioner would probably make this unnecessary. It wouldn’t hurt to have a good brush around in the chance that the cleaner doesn’t pick up everything
Are Brushes with Short Teeth Best for Brushing German Shorthaired Pointers?
They can be, yet having one with a longer length might be better for GSPs that haven’t been groomed in while. The hair underneath the fur that you can see would undoubtedly be denser than it appears
What’s the Main Benefit in having a brush that releases Hair Automatically?
Aside from not touching the bacteria-ridden undercoat hair, the release ensures that no hair will get on your floor. And with it, the risk of getting fleas on yourself decreases
What should I get for a GSP that won’t sit still for long?
You could either use a conditioner or shampoo (since you’ll have to eventually wash your pet) but curry combs are also the way to go. Most of them are made entirely of plastic or rubber, which is gentler on dogs with a sensitive undercoat