What games should I play with my GSP?
All the same as GSP is a versatile hunting dog, it is rather universal in games. He likes fetch and retrieve games, water games, chasing balls or plush toys, interactive games are also good
Can I teach my GSP to retrieve with toys?
If you intend to hunt with your GSP, there are special dummies to help you with. They are specially designed to imitate a hunting game and to teach your puppy
Do I need an interactive dog toy for GSP?
Interactive dog toys stimulate dogs mentally and physically. GSPs are very intellectual dogs. They like to be encouraged and engaged. Such toys develop their mind and help to cope with boredom. We recommend using them
Do I need to by buy special toys for water?
German Shorthaired Pointers adore swimming and water games. Some producers like Kong, Chuckit! have created even a special series of toys for water. Some toys have features suitable for land and water. A water toy should lightweight, not sinking, easy to see on water surface from the distance and easy to grasp being in water. Not many toys correspond with these features. So we suggest buying special toys for water games