How Often Should You Bathe a Bernese Mountain Dog?
Bernese Mountain Dogs have a water-resistant coat by nature. To keep their skin and coat well-balanced, don't bathe the dogs often. Clean and wash the dog with shampoos only when he is really dirty: once a months is enough, or even less. You can wash his face, legs and stomach more often. Waterless shampoos are also allowed in between.
Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Stink?
Bernese Mountain Dogs don't have a very pronounced doggy smell. It can only appear after a long walks in hot weather or when it rains. But it's not very distinct.
Should I Shower or Bathe My Dog?
As most dogs are not very keen on cleaning their coat, we recommend a light shower. Only use warm water for this, as hot and cold water can be unpleasant for the animal.