How much should I spend on a quality camera to monitor my dog?
There is such a wide range of prices for pet cameras because you can spend anywhere from 30 pounds to over 250 pounds. Most people want to get quality but do not want to see a high price. However the more expensive the camera is, the more features it has.

But it's also true that camera technology gets cheaper and cheaper the longer it's on the market. So you can get a high quality camera with a long list of features for as little as around 80 pounds.
Where exactly in my house should I put a dog camera?
You may need to change the location of your dog camera after you first see what your dog is really doing while you are away. If his movement is restricted, you'll have a better chance of getting the camera right the first time. However, if he is free to move around the house or even in multiple rooms, you may want to wait until you find where he spends the most time before permanently mounting it. You may be surprised at what he gets up to when you're not around.

Whatever room you mount the camera in will depend on your preference, but you should hang it high on the wall and point it downward for maximum visual contact. That way, you can see everything in sight and know what it's reacting to and interacting with.
Can I use the camera outdoors?
Most cameras are designed for either outdoor or indoor use; however, some can be both. However, each model is different and you will need to find out about your specific model. Importantly, if it does not clearly state whether it is an indoor and/or outdoor camera, you must assume it is an indoor-only camera. Basic models are rarely durable enough to withstand outdoor weather.